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The Manufacturing Process of Lube Oil.

Lube oil (Lubricant oil) is a composition of base oil and additives, 90% of base oil and 10% of additives, the Base oil is sourced Used lube oil by Re-refining process (Recycling) and  Crude Oil.

1.The used oil recycling its an regeneration process in which the different grade of used lube oil mixed, Then the re-refining or recycling process starts by Dehydration , High Vacuum Distillation with help of Wiped Film Evaporator and last the solvent extraction process. Lastly we get the base oil stock of 70-75% and rest 30-25% (Residual & Diesel) unlikely the process bit more complicated then crude oil refining for more info please visit our page –

2.The next Crude oil (Virgin oil) from which undergoes a primary purification process (sediment) before it is transfer into fractionating towers and the last solvent extraction. For more info visit –  In this process we get higher output ratio of base oil, But technically the property of base oil in both process are same


Base oil to Lube oil
The Base oil is the basic raw material required for manufacturing of different grade of lube oils,The second important materials is additives, Then the blending process start both base oil and accurate quantity of stander additive are mixed into blending vessel on descent temperature & time period.

The different process use in lube oil blending are –

  1. Automatic batch blending ( ABB )
  2. In line blending ( ILB )
  3. Simultaneous metering blending ( SMB )


After blending process the oil are transfer to filtration cooling vessels and then the feeling & storage part begins usually plant operator refer in house feeling and labelling machine .

Packing are done in 500 ml, 1 Liters, 5 Liters bottles and 250 Liters of drums.

Lube oil are produce in below types with different grades, property and colours.

  1. Different Grade of Engine oil (10w40, 5w30, 15w40)
  2. Synthetic oil
  3. Transmission / Gear oil
  4. Break oil
  5. Hydraulic oil
  6. Industrial oils
  7. Transformer oil
  8. White oil
  9. Other Process oils
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Lube oil Process Plant

Arslan Enginery is dynamic in R&D process of base oil and lube oil manufacturing project, We provide the best quality of machine, equipments and complete set-up involved in manufacturing of different grade lubricant oils we do complete Turnkey project on EPC or LSTK contracting. For more info regarding blending plant please visit-

Lube oil are said to be the most basic need lubricant technology without its different grades of lubricants oil the automotive industry cant get the best from the engine, So many types and grades of engine oil (10w40, 5w30, 15w40), or synthetic engine oil are now becoming more popular because of daily R and D research there are different grade of engine oil for motorbike, car, suv, trucks, trains and ship have separate grade of engine lubricant oil, the next most important lube oil is transmission oil or Gear oil which enable the smooth transmission during gear shifting.The break oil is now radically use because of disk braking system has become so common it give the result of braking mechanism,

The hydraulic oil are used in heavy industrial or earth moving vehicles, Industrial oils are used in different special purpose machines, the transformer oil is used in electrical transformer for cool lent porous and the White oil in pharma and textile industry there are many other Process oils which are used in many other application but all the are manufactured by base oil. please contact us for complete information.

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