Waste Used Oil Recycling Plant Process

Black, Used or Waste Oil are the said to the used or contaminated type of automotive lube oil and industrial used oil .

Arslan Enginery is basically expert and having a vast experience in the sector of oil recycling or refining engineering mechanism.

We are having Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE) & Short path distillation fallowed by Solvent extraction or activated re-generative media filtration process involved for the recycling of used/waste oil with zero environmental waste no air, no solid and no liquid pollution.     

Basic Process offered by Arslan Enginery for used and waste oil recycling.

Arslan Enginery™ Private Limited Company is an esteemed company based in India. We offer technical solutions and projects related primarily to oil & gas processing. We are engaged in setting up Turn Key projects overseas, Designing, Engineering & Supply and Installation & Construction of quality efficiency plants & projects. We wish to create a pollution minimized atmosphere by following our mission of protecting the nature with innovative ideas for Recycling waste and used Lube Oil, Blending plants,

Arslan Enginery™ offers tailor made designs & technology for lube oil projects, Our Turnkey project provisions include:

  • Basic & Detail Engineering.
  • Procurement of all equipments.
  • Construction & Erection of complete project.

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Process Description of Arslan Enginery Tehcnolgy code ARS-703 for Used Lube oil Re-Refining Plant.

Used lubricating oil to SN150 grade Light Base Oil & SN500 grade Heavy Base Oil in distillation + wiped film evaporator plant Used Oil Refining Process consists of two sections:

  1. Pre-treatment (De-metallization /Ash Removal)
  2. Separation of light ends by Distillation
  3. Separation of oil fractions by thin film evaporation.
  4. Finishing stage with option of Solvent / Media or Hydrofining treatment process

A) Separation of light ends by Distillation:
Dehydrated and filtered used lube oil from storage is pumped by the feed pump(P-101A/B) through the filters (ST-101 A/B) to the distillation column (C-101).Filters are provided as additional step to remove any solids from the feed.
Distillation Column (C-101) is operated under vacuum and used to separate light fraction from used lube oil. In distillation column diesel oil (and water) is obtained as top product which is condensed and collected in the receivers by gravity.
Bottom product from D-101 is fed to the thin film evaporation system for further separation through WFE-I feed pump.
Cooling water is used in condenser to condense of top vapors from column and hot oil (thermic fluid) is used in Reboiler shell as heating medium.© Arslan Enginery
B) Separation of oil fractions by thin film evaporation:
Thin film evaporation system consists of two thin film evaporators, W-101 & W-102 to recover SN-150 & SN-500 grade base oil respectively. Thin film evaporator consists of vertical cylindrical surface enclosed in heating jacket with internal rotor. Rotor distributes feed in the form of thin film layer on the heated wall by means of wiper blade. Internal condenser is provided to condense the vapors generated by the hot surface. W-101 is operated at 1 – 2 Torr vacuum & 280◦ C heating temperature by thermic fluid in jacket. The feed free from diesel from column bottom is fed to WFE-1, (W-101) where SN-150 is obtained as a product and collected in product receivers and residue in residue receivers by gravity. SN-150 is transferred to main storage tank by pump.Residue from W-101 is pumped & fed to the WFE-2 (W-102) by rotory gear pump. In W-102 SN-500 is obtained as a product and collected in product receiver tank and residue in residue collection tank by gravity. W-102 is operated at 0.1 Torr vacuum & 310◦ C heating temperature by thermic fluid in jacket.© Arslan Enginery

C) Finishing stage with option of Solvent / Media or Hydro-fining treatment process –
In This stage come the last filtration process which take place by Mixture of solvents which improve the color & smell of base oil , The solvent which we are providing is re – generatable from 150-200 cycle .the result is that it ways cost cheaper then regular solvent available in market, We use specific equipment for filtration process that comes along with regenerate process, if the client is looking for ultimate quality of base oil group 2 oil we can go with Hydro-fining process.

Used Lube Oil Re-Refining Process

Technology code ARS-703 High Vacuum Distillation using Wiped Film Evaporation(WFE) and Solvent Treatment Technology.

Lube Oil & Used Lube Oil

Lube Oil:

Lubricating oil are viscous liquids used for lubricating moving parts of engines and machines.

Eg. Engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, grease etc.

Used Lube Oil:

  -Used lube oil is defined as the petroleum derived or synthetic oil which remains after applications in lubrications, cutting purposes, etc.

-Build up of temperature degrade the lubricating oil, thus leading to reduction in properties such as : Viscosity, Specific gravity, etc

Major Compositions in Used Lube Oil



Our Re-refining Process Flow

Our Re-refining Process Flow

Step I: Dehydration  & Defueling

Dehydration Defueling

Step II: Light Lube Oil Separation (SN-150)
Wiped Film Evaporator WFE-1

Light Lube Oil Separation

Step III: Heavy Lube Oil Separation (SN-500)
Wiped Film Evaporator WFE-2

Heavy Lube Oil Separation


Re-refined Used Lube Oil & Solvent Extraction (To color & odor remove)

  • Then a liquid extraction process is done in the presence of solvent N-Methylpyrolidone (NMP).
  • The NMP is an aromatic selective solvent which removes some color and odor.
  • Also it is able to extract all unwanted aromatic contaminants  present in lubricating oil fraction.

Analysis of End Product

Analysis of End Products


Products load Outs

List of Major Equipment’s

  • Used Lube Oil Intermediate Feed Storage Tank
  • Preheater
  • Column (Dehydration & Defueling)
  • Condensers
  • Reflux & Separator Drum
  • Reboiler
  • Holding Tanks
  • Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE-1 & WFE-2)
  • Receivers

List of Utility Equipment’s & Accessories

  • Thermic Fluid Heater
  • Cooling Tower
  • Vacuum System
  • Pumps
  • Instruments
  • Filters & Strainers
  • Valves
  • Piping & Fittings

Codes & Standards: Design, Mfg & Testing

ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers

API: American Petroleum Institute

TEMA: Tubular Exchanger Manufacturer’s Association

BIS: Bureau of Indian Standards

EN: European Standards

–Other Standards.

Used oil recycling Plant Process

Used Oil Recycling Plant is very good opportunity in Small Scale factory production business.As on current market trend more people are understanding the seriousness of Waste Oil Recycling project and secondary it is close to nature we help our environment to be more safer by recycling used oil and avoiding them to be thrown into the planet.

The used oil recycling process are consist of oil and gas process engineering and filtration technology.The equipment are generally the same as oil & gas for waste oil recycling plant installation. The used or waste oil recycling process are one of finest example of filtration technology because of the black bottom is mixed eventually in the lube oil.

The used engine oil recycling plant are the most demand able project because of having much available source of the raw materials from the local collectors.The used oil filter recycling is the same process but with the compact size and super high vacuum system make little effort but it is not suitable for big production for used oil recycling.So the oil waste recycling plant are preferred to be in high scale business as a mini industry. We recommend to put used engine oil recycling plant or waste oil recycling plant with the capacity from 25 Tons – 200 Tons per day.

The Zero Percent clay technology are mainly used in fractional distillation plant or Short path distillation in this process & wiped film evaporator the smartest process equipment eliminate the use of white clay which was added in filtering the last residual or bottom.The early years everyone was using the  oil distillation plant which was consist of direct distillation process ,But as of now when technology have been upgraded to new level now mainly use of the process have changed in number of positions available for waste engine oil recycling. The recycling or re-refining of waste oil and recycling used engine oil create some common confusion the clarification is this waste oil consist of many different types of oil and other dis solubility,The used oil means its content of only one oil most preferably this term is used for engine oils.

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